How to cook porridge

Porridge - the oldest and most revered product in the diet of humanity. Archaeologists find mention of it in the excavations, which are more than one millennium.
Since ancient times, our people have had great honor in porridge: how many songs have been composed about it, how many legends and fairy tales have been said.

Cook in a suitable dish

To cook crumbly porridge and prevent it from burning, you should use the dishes with a thick bottom. Rice, for example, is best cooked in a cast-iron and deep pan, which allows you to evenly warm the contents. In a thin saucepan, the cereal is likely to burn, and the top will remain raw.

Toast and dry cereals before use

To make crumbly porridge from buckwheat, pearl barley or wheat, grits are roasted before cooking: they are scattered about 3 centimeters on a baking sheet and fried, stirring, in an oven at 100-150 degrees to a light brown color. It improves the taste of porridge, facilitates digestion and increases the nutritional value of cereals. To make crumbly semolina, the grits should be lightly dried in the oven to such an extent that it crunches on the teeth when chewed.


Do not forget about the correct water temperature

Grits need to fall asleep in boiling, lightly salted water and cook over low heat until cooked. Ready crumbly porridge must fold in a colander and be sure to rinse with hot water.

Sift and rinse cereals

Before cooking the cereal, you should always sift, sort and rinse well. When rinsing, water will remove starch from the surface of the grains and relieve the croup from excessive stickiness. But there are exceptions to this rule: rice, for example, is washed only when it is used to prepare a side dish or pilaf. Semolina, corn, barley cereals and flakes "Hercules" are not washed at all.


Soak the cereal before cooking

To reduce the cooking time of cereal cereal, you must first soak. The less heat is processed croup, the more it retains the nutritional value.

Boil the porridge more correctly in two waters: bring to a boil, then drain the water and again fill with hot water. This is very important, because together with the first water, the starch, bitterness and the remaining fine garbage leave the grain.

Add butter to the cereal while cooking

At the beginning of cooking porridge in water should add a little oil - no more than 1 teaspoon. This will help soften hard water and give each grain the ability to repel water, avoiding cooking from the inside.

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